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Tumblr Tuesday: Googly Eyes
The Dust Bowl era of the 1930s was brought to an end with the introduction of one simple tool: the googly eye. Today we celebrate.

Googly Eye Books
You might find no greater comfort than reclining in your chaise longue, glass of pinot in hand, indulging in Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostgooglyeyevsky

Project Googly
There’s lowercase-a “art” and there’s uppercase-A “Art” and then there’s all-capitals “ART” and then there’s Project Googly.

Metal Albums with Googly Eyes
Counterintuitive to the metal aesthetic, but wookit wittle Lars Ulrich. Wook it him.  

Googly Eyed Surprise
A mint-condition issue of the acclaimed comic Mars Attacks the Holidays is now ruined by googly eyes. Is nothing sacred?

Googly Eyes on My Stuff
Imagine a world of sentient onion rings. How they screamed in the deep fryer, how they shrieked as your first bite crunched into their crisped skin.

Photo via googlyeyesonmystuff

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